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Feb 18, 2013 10:00pm EST
- on the "see it,,shooo ii send 3 ppotos directly from your ccel phone too""ics at 3 a former johns hopkins gyyecologist is found dead this morning.paul gessler joins us o tell us the doctorr was at the center of policee investiiation.pauu-- ppul--jennifer, dd. nikita - seeretly ecooded patients.he was let go bb hopkins earlier this month when another employee alerted securiiy to the alllgations... he used pprsonal phhtt and video equipment onnunsuspecting pattents. 3 his bbdy wws discovered today at his home in bbllimore -3& ooe of is former baltimore, no meetton of his name.hopkins hospital even their website.a hopkins -3 spokesperson aas the hospital has been told that levy took hii oww life. 3 in aalengthy ssatement thii afterroon,,a spokeeperson &psaid, "ttagically, tooay we apparently has taaen his own life. we send ur condolenness & friendsswwods cannoo expresss how deeply sorry we are for -3 every pptient whose privacy - payyhave been violated..-violated.dr. levv's beeavior violates johns hopkins code of ccoduct and prvacy policies & ann is
Feb 12, 2013 9:00pm EST
behind the president. a moment ago we had a picture of wisconsin congressman paul ryan. had things gone differently on election night he would be sitting behind president romney but he is member of the house of receipt identifies. you see john kerry, long time senator from massachusetts and new secretary of state, a job many say he was born and bred for. you can see at the top of the any, the gallery. it's fascinating some of the people in the gallery. it's become now some would say a flag show, some would say a kind of theater that membe of congress, the first lady, they bring a variety of people to sit in the gallery. everybody from gabrielle giffords, the victim of a terrible shooting. here you see first lady michelle obama. somewhat interesting in her box, i don't see the person there, a young 20-year-old man named alan alaman who is an illegal immigrant from nevada. he is someone the country, he is one of so-called dream act people. he was brought to the country as a child. president has ordered that there be no deportation of any of those people who were brought to the country as
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2